Being able to say full-service law boutique is sometimes heard but what does it really mean? While there are those who may be sufficiently served by a jack-of-all-trades attorney, there are also those whose legal matters require a highly specialized and amply experienced professional to meet their specific legal needs effectively. In a country such as Peru, we ALWAYS recommend having proper counsel anytime you are engaging in activities that merit it. MONTEBLANCO & ASSOCIATES is an international service law boutique in its purest form as we are capable of taking on legal matters whose very nature demands counsel versed in international law. Our international law boutique brings together talented and experienced attorneys that as a team analyze legal issues from all angles so as to provide clients with long-term solutions to their particular needs.

When a client retains the services of MONTEBLANCO & ASSOCIATES; a lead attorney who will serve as their account manager is assigned to the client, they will for the duration of the case oversee the process from start to finish, reporting monthly updates to the client and will keep them informed of hearings, findings and anything related to their case. They will have a clear understanding of the client’s needs and thus be empowered to spearhead all endeavors always with the client’s approval in order to obtain the best possible outcome in their case.

While the paragraphs above encapsulate in essence our commitment to our client, it is noteworthy to add that our clients are provided with the most efficient and experienced service in Peru as well as the rest of the region. Today’s legal system throughout Latin American is riddled with licentious situations that factor in corruption, enormous backlogs, and administrative lethargy as complex parts of an everyday equation. This lackluster modus operandi eats at the very core of what a judicial system is supposed to stand for. It is here where a textbook knowledge and understanding of the law and the uncompromised reputation of our Managing Partner Sandro Monteblanco and his team make all the difference in the world in terms of how the process is handled.

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Attorneys at MONTEBLANCO & ASSOCIATES are licensed to practice by the New York State Bar Association, the Lima Bar Association, and the Madrid Bar Association.