Buying or selling real estate property in Peru can be a daunting task if not done properly. As a lawyer, I know all too well the dangers involved in the acquisition process, especially with the crafty and talented conmen currently making a very good living out of scamming trusting buyers. In order to explain things more effectively, let us look separately at the process of buying and selling.

If You Are The Buyer:

The greatest risk a buyer gets is that they may be purchasing a finished property the seller has illicitly appropriated for himself and is (if he hasn’t already) offering it to other buyers at the same time, so in the end you end up in court fighting other buyers who also fell for the same scam.

The other issue that may arise when buying an unfinished apartment or one that has yet to break ground, is that the builder may remove himself from the project even while the property is still literally a pile of bricks.

If You Are The Seller:

The risks are less yet they are still there. We assist those who wish to carry on a sale of their property in full compliance of the law and not for those who wish to default the tax authorities, remember, the sale of your property in Peru may represent taxable income.

In summary, whether you are the buyer or the seller, we strongly recommend you consult with an attorney to walk you through this process. Let the experienced attorneys at MONTEBLANCO & ASSOCIATES work with you on either side of the process and make sure that your investment is safe and that you are in full compliance with the law.